AlphaSports returning for NBA 2K14

Just a heads up: I plan on chronicling my NBA 2K14 MyCAREER here starting in October after putting almost all of  my 2K13 posts on’s forum. Posts will begin in October.

Rick is Back in Action

Well, I’m  back. After sitting out last season for my bro Bud I’m back at it. I’m Rick Daniel, a 6’2”, 185 lb. scoring point guard out of Akron. This is my career.

nba2k13 2012-10-04 16-03-00-58


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NBA 2K13 is Coming!

In less then a week, NBA 2K13 is hitting store shelves everywhere and we will start updating. Who’s excited?

Recapping NBA 2K12

Bud Daniel was the start of AlphaSports in NBA 2K12, replacing his smaller, older brother Rick Daniel. Whereas Rick was a 6’2" point guard, Bud was a 6’9" power forward.

NBA 2K12He was drafted by the Knicks halfway through the first round out of Ohio State. He made his mark in early as a spot-up shooter, which would continue to serve him well throughout his career. He supplanted Amare’ Stoudemire halfway through his fist season but failed to lead the team to a title in his first year.

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