Shooting my Team in the Foot

So far so poor. for me this year. I just played in the Rookie/Sophomore game but first, let’s cover what has (or rather, hasn’t ) occurred in the mean time.

nba2k13 2012-10-05 01-04-11-76

My jump shot has gone AWOL on me, for starters. Now in February, I haven’t made a three in about a month. We played the Mavericks a few games ago and I only had one decent play, and it was after the game was locked up (for the Mavs)

nba2k13 2012-10-06 03-41-17-11

One behind-the-back crossover to put Kidd (now a Mav again,  having been traded from NY) on his ass. I then passed the ball to a teammate who promptly blew a layup. See, that’s what’s killing me. My shot’s not there, and neither is anyone else on my team’s. I’ll set them up and they’ll blow open Js and shots at the rim. My career has started terribly

nba2k13 2012-10-06 18-51-58-11

Not bad enough for me to miss the Rookie/Sophomore game, though.  I actually don’t think it’s possible to be passed over for this game, honestly. Anyway, starting at shooting guard with Kyrie Irving was awesome, but again I had no jumper.

nba2k13 2012-10-06 18-56-23-42

Instead I fed the likes of Anthony Davis for easy baskets. I finished with just 3 assists, though. We were tied at 71 and went to overtime where my one highlight took place.

nba2k13 2012-10-06 19-06-55-49

nba2k13 2012-10-06 19-06-59-52

nba2k13 2012-10-06 19-07-06-91

nba2k13 2012-10-06 19-07-09-95

nba2k13 2012-10-06 19-07-14-09

nba2k13 2012-10-06 19-07-17-50

nba2k13 2012-10-06 19-07-22-34

Yay, a decent play for a change. I was taken out for a rest shortly thereafter and didn’t expect to see the floor again. However, I did get to play again, in a crucial spot.

nba2k13 2012-10-06 19-09-06-76

Ooooh boy.  The Elites have the ball, so we intentionally fouled them to go down three with a little over 5 seconds left. I needed to stay the hell out of the upcoming play. I’m ice cold. I can’t shoot. I…

 nba2k13 2012-10-06 19-10-02-87

Hey, whoa!  Are you listening?? Don’t…

nba2k13 2012-10-06 19-10-09-36


nba2k13 2012-10-06 19-10-17-92

…. so close…!

nba2k13 2012-10-06 19-10-22-74

ARRGGH!  I KNEW better then that! U knew not to take that shot. Damn it all. We lost the game and I finished with 6 points and 3 assists, and one heavy heart.

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