Boston Celtics

I Make the Team

nba2k12 2011-12-02 03-05-52-88

I got one of my career goals the other day, but we’ll get to that in a minute. We recently played the Celtics and it was almost highlight-free for me. I was convinced I was having a bad game (shooting under 40% will do that to you) but I won Player of the Game. It turned out I led the game in points, rebounds, steals and blocks. Apparently it wasn’t as bad as it seemed.

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I’m Free!

nba2k12 2011-11-02 03-51-19-51

I’m a free agent now. I can make my own decision where I want to play. Let’s see who’s offering me a contract!

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Vote “Bud Daniel” for All-Star

nba2k12 2011-10-25 10-21-36-83

Witness here: my 100th career block. It’s nothing special, but the run of games it came is has been.

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Trading Up

nba2k12 2011-10-23 12-34-51-43

Couple more games in and it’s January already. First up was the Nets again, and the less said about this game the better.

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Still a Knick

nba2k12 2011-10-22 04-27-44-03

Well, I’m still a Knick. I’m starting the season in New York, at least long enough to get my trade value up. Maybe I’ll stay the whole year – we’ll see. First up, the Heat.

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Playoffs: Yes or No?

nba2k12 2011-10-20 23-14-26-95

The season’s over now, and I’ve got a chronicle of the trials that lead to game 82. Also, did we make the playoffs? Let’s find out.

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The Big Loser

nba2k12 2011-10-19 04-57-18-27

I’m so depressed. I thought I had a decent game for us against the Celtics, but ultimately I cost us the game.

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Billups and the Bad Handle

nba2k12 2011-10-19 01-26-13-01

We played the Celtics recently and it – as you can see – didn’t go so well. I got hammered on by Jermaine O’Neal here late in the game.

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Bud’s Getting Better

nba2k12 2011-10-15 00-41-52-07

Two recent games to update everyone on. First up, Bud took on the Celtics. I was working them over on the midrange game. I’ve gotten that pretty much down and am a threat for 7-12 points a night, playing 13 minutes a game (remember: 5 minute quarters). Boston had no answer for me.

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It’s the Conference Finals!

nba2k12 2011-10-11 05-30-57-04

The Eastern Conference Finals were every bit as tough as the Semi Finals. The Celtics pushed us into 3-2 hole in game six. Fortunately, we’d already been there once. I came out guns blazing and we made no bones about wanting this win.

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