Atlanta Hawks

Happy New Season!

nba2k12 2011-10-13 00-33-11-76

My new season resolution? Practice. I had 30 available drills accumulated at the end of the Finals last year, but this year I resolve to use them to get better. My first (key) game was against the Hawks, and I found out that we’d traded Paul Milsap and Shawne Williams to the Hornets for David West and Carl Landry. Improvement? You tell me. I kicked off this game by scoring 12 first half points to keep us in the game. We ended the first half tied, so it was down to the last 10 minutes (we play 5 minute quarters) to decide it.

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Last of NBA 2K11–Livestream Trial

This is a wrap up as well as a new beginning. I’m going to be giving Livestream a shot as a method for broadcasting some games here on AlphaSports in 2K12 but I wanted to give it a test drive first, so here’s my last game in NBA 2K11, playing Rick Daniel vs. the Suns in Atlanta.

Watch live streaming video from eaagh at

A few things are clear from this video. One is that my cover as a decent defender is blown wide open. The other is that we – the Hawks, I mean – have been a 2nd half team all year and this game was no different.  I didn’t have a great game but still took home player of the game honors.

The big take away though is that this seems like it will work. I’ll probably broadcast my first game as my new My Player next week, so vote on the poll to the right to help decide who I’ll be playing as.

This Season’s Over

NBA2K11 2011-09-26 01-08-57-78

This is about all you need to know about my last game. I twisted my ankle badly, and missed three weeks. This kills the season for me, and I think I’m shelving this blog until 2K12 comes out. I’ll explain why.

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Going Off on Orlando

NBA2K11 2011-09-05 02-38-39-73

I recently had a string of good games, so here’s the summary form. First up was Milwaukee again, this time at their place. Here’s about all you need to know about that game: me swatting Brandon Jennings’ three attempt to close the third quarter. I was solid, but there was a reason we blew them out.

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Bruised, Battered, and Ultimately Beaten

NBA2K11 2011-08-17 03-57-43-59

Here’s a quick run through the last few games.Just FYI – this is a huge post. First up was Charlotte, and it was the start of a sad slide.


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The Ultimate Showdown

NBA2K11 2011-08-15 02-55-29-74

The Timberwolves welcomed us to their building, which can only mean one thing: It’s time for Daniel vs. Boone, Round Four.

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Trial, Error and Frustration

NBA2K11 2011-08-08 01-17-12-79

A couple more games under my belt, and they were just a run of  frustration. First up, the Pistons at home.

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We’re On Track Again

NBA2K11 2011-07-28 02-34-44-09

A couple games have passed since we lost to Houston. and they’ve been, for the most part, unexciting. Here’s the quick version rundown.

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Ride’s Over, Everybody Off

NBA2K11 2011-07-26 00-41-49-97

I hate breaking a post’s climax at the start, but yeah, the ride’s over. We got beat at last. I’ll fill you in on how it happened later, but first we have to get a few other games out of the way.

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The Triple Double Chase Continues

NBA2K11 2011-07-19 10-20-37-95

I’m going to breeze through two less then overwhelming games and get to my latest chase for a triple double, ok? Ok. First of the trio is a game against the Knicks where it seemed we could not get ahead. We wee almost doubled up after one and still trailed at the half. Between poor defense and me being in foul trouble it took us up to the third quarter to get going.

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