Miami Heat

Another Regular Season in the Books

nba2k12 2011-12-05 07-28-44-69

I’ve been playing out a string of unimpressive games, highlighted by a bad turn of luck, but now that’s over. Let’s cover the few highlights.

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From Zero to Hero

nba2k12 2011-11-06 05-28-08-94

This is one of the harder updates to write that I’ve done in a while for a couple reasons. The big one is because I’ve missed updating so many games that this is going to be one lo-o-o-ng update. The other reason is further down the post. First off, we played the Raptors at home

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I’m Free!

nba2k12 2011-11-02 03-51-19-51

I’m a free agent now. I can make my own decision where I want to play. Let’s see who’s offering me a contract!

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Season Three: The Conclusion

nba2k12 2011-10-31 03-33-49-04

With the season winding down, we faced the Nets in NJ.

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The Blowout

nba2k12 2011-10-27 00-52-04-32

Back to the Heat in the game before the All-Star break. LeBron was fired up as usual.

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Vote “Bud Daniel” for All-Star

nba2k12 2011-10-25 10-21-36-83

Witness here: my 100th career block. It’s nothing special, but the run of games it came is has been.

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Still a Knick

nba2k12 2011-10-22 04-27-44-03

Well, I’m still a Knick. I’m starting the season in New York, at least long enough to get my trade value up. Maybe I’ll stay the whole year – we’ll see. First up, the Heat.

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Well That was Quick

nba2k12 2011-10-21 08-59-35-82

Starting up the playoffs, I chose ‘play next key game’ like usual, expecting the first game of the series because hey, game one is pretty key, right? Not in NBA 2K12’s worldview. Welcome to game six, with us up in the series 3-2. Time to shut them out and move on!

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Playoffs: Yes or No?

nba2k12 2011-10-20 23-14-26-95

The season’s over now, and I’ve got a chronicle of the trials that lead to game 82. Also, did we make the playoffs? Let’s find out.

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Billups and the Bad Handle

nba2k12 2011-10-19 01-26-13-01

We played the Celtics recently and it – as you can see – didn’t go so well. I got hammered on by Jermaine O’Neal here late in the game.

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