Phoenix Suns

I’m Free!

nba2k12 2011-11-02 03-51-19-51

I’m a free agent now. I can make my own decision where I want to play. Let’s see who’s offering me a contract!

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Not So Hot, Suns

nba2k12 2011-10-13 02-39-36-12

Resolved to play out more games this year, tonight the Suns tolled into town. I was on fire tonight, and got to really showcase my skills.

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Last of NBA 2K11–Livestream Trial

This is a wrap up as well as a new beginning. I’m going to be giving Livestream a shot as a method for broadcasting some games here on AlphaSports in 2K12 but I wanted to give it a test drive first, so here’s my last game in NBA 2K11, playing Rick Daniel vs. the Suns in Atlanta.

Watch live streaming video from eaagh at

A few things are clear from this video. One is that my cover as a decent defender is blown wide open. The other is that we – the Hawks, I mean – have been a 2nd half team all year and this game was no different.  I didn’t have a great game but still took home player of the game honors.

The big take away though is that this seems like it will work. I’ll probably broadcast my first game as my new My Player next week, so vote on the poll to the right to help decide who I’ll be playing as.

Denver, Phoenix and All That Jazz

nba2k11 2011-05-01 03-55-22-27

I was lecturing everybody before tonight game six. We couldn’t afford to lose this game or our season was likely done. Did anyone listen? Let’s find out.

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Blinded by the Suns

nba2k11 2011-04-30 04-22-20-48

It’s time for game five in Phoenix! We got a hostile welcome of course, so we were definitely the ‘bad guys.’

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Quick Game Four

nba2k11 2011-04-28 05-02-18-92

I just thought you’d like to know what the Suns are up against every night. Do you know how hard it is to carry a 40 ppg average??

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My Teammates got My Back

nba2k11 2011-04-26 23-51-05-72

It’s back to Denver for game three with the series tied 1-1. I was a bit frustrated after last game and decided that we lost because I scored too much. I’d dominated the ball too much and hurt the team. This game, I was going to step back and let the team do what it does. Hopefully that doesn’t include ‘throw up more bricks then the Montresor in Cask of Amontillado.”

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Half Century and Pain

nba2k11 2011-04-26 01-09-35-05

Game two would be a different beast from game one. Here Phoenix’s coach fires up Steve Nash before the game. I didn’t need any motivation. I wanted to go home back to Denver up 2-0, and that’s all I needed to know.

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Down to the Wire

nba2k11 2011-04-25 00-45-14-74

Game one in Phoenix was a hard one. We pushed out early but the Suns punched back late. Did we win? Let’s find out.

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The Tale of Two Suns

nba2k11 2011-04-08 23-41-07-04

We played two straight games against the Suns, and they were like night and day. First, the day. We play ok at home, so I was looking forward to our game in Denver.

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