Golden State Warriors

The Final Four

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It’s time for the final four games of the year. I decided I owed I to the city of Denver to get to the playoffs. My ankle is still screwed up, so this is going to be tough. Up first is Oklahoma City.

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Wounded and Woken

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Let’s open with this picture. Yes, I got hurt. It put me out for a few games, but we’re not at that point yet. Patience.

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My Decision

It’s time. I’ve got to make my decision as to what to do. I’ve got to make my decision, hopefully without an hour long PR stint. Before that, let’s cover how last season ended.

We got bumped by the Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals by a free throw free for all. The good news, then, is that the Magic did go on to beat the Lakers in the NBA Finals. So we lost to the eventual champions. That’s a little more tolerable I finished the series as the team’s starting point guard and averaged over 20 points a game in the post season to go with four assists and four and a half rebounds. Who would come looking for me? The poll on this site (as well as posted on my topic over at the  NBA Live Series Center) brought a varied response. There was sentiment that I should stay and help LeBron, Bosh and Wade again. The blog’s poll shows that 75% of the voter think I should go to the Cavs if the option arises. Lastly, it would be interesting to see how I handled a team without three all stars. So, who came calling?





The Rockets, the Warriors, the Magic and the Heat. So, the Cavs are out, since they didn’t even make an offer. Now to decide between these three. I could go to the Warriors and play with Steph Curry and Monta Ellis and make for an exciting back court. Do I really want to play for the Warriors, though? I don’t see allot of growth potential there personally, plus they’d be playing three guards all the time with Ellis, Curry and myself. So they’re out. The Rockets are also out since I don’t want to go watch Yao get hurt again and get carried off the court, our title chances in tow.

That leaves the Magic and the Heat. The Heat are my team right now. I just spent 82 games with them, they’ve got two dynamite scorers for me to feed in LeBron and Wade, and we nearly got to the NBA Finals. On the other hand, the Magic beat us in the playoffs and they won the NBA Finals. They’ve got a dominant center, which we lacked last year. On top of that, I’ve had success with them before (see last year).

So, last year’s team or the team that beat us. Theoretically, the team that beat us is better, right? Isn’t that how it works? Can I really pull a LeBron and bolt for greener pastures?

Read after the cut to find out.

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Rick Daniel: Award Nominee?!


I need answers, man… some things aren’t adding up. I’ll explain in a minute, I guess. First off, we just got walloped by the Rockets in Houston. I contributed two whole points to go with a rebound, two assists and two blocks in an 18 point loss. The biggest aggravator to me was getting a huge hit to my teammate rating because Kevin Martin hit a long nearly half-court, last shot clock-beating three. I had him pinned out there and he just got lucky – that’s my fault, how?


We managed to come back against the Warriors at home. I didn’t play much better, with just five points, one rebound, four assists and two blocks plus a turnover, but a win’s a win. What happened after the game is what has me confused as hell.


Uh, I don’t get it. Either the rest of the league’s 6th men suck something fierce, or the people making these predictions aren’t actually following the games. 6.3 ppg, 1.4 rpg and 2.3 apg are Sixth Man of the Year numbers? Wow, the league’s really having a down year.

- Rick Daniel

One Up and Two Way, Way Down


Three more games down, and right now I’m furious – but I’ll get to why in a bit. First, we played Utah at their place and I went in knowing I was red-hot. I’d had a shooting drill prior to the game and couldn’t miss, so I was primed for a big game. What I didn’t expect was my defense to be as sound as it was. I didn’t’ get any blocks or steals but I was lock-down on my man and was a one-man fast break stopper on a few occasions. I changed a number of shots and tipped passes left and right.


As for my offense, it did indeed show up.14 points to tie LeBron for the team lead, and four rebounds and an assist as well.  I also only had one turnover and a Teammate Rating of ‘A’. Nice!


I truly don’t know what changed between that game and the next one against Golden State. I only scored four points with a rebound and three assists but I turned the damned ball over three times. We lost this game by seven, but the worst was yet to come.


We got absolutely leveled in Sacramento. I scored 11 points on 50% shooting and had a board and an assist with only one turnover, but our team could not score and we lost by 23. My eleven points were second to Bosh’s 12 for the team lead! LeBron didn’t score a single point and Wade shot 3-11. Damn it all. I could have easily had five or six assists and we might have won the game if LeBron or Wade had made even half of the open shots I got them. I am livid at the moment.

How in the world do we go from that great game against Utah to horrendous against the Kings? How, I ask you??

- Rick Daniel

Heat Wins and Goofs


We beat the Nets today, with me pitching in 4 points, 2 rebounds, 5 assists in 14 minutes. I’m coming in now with confidence that I can do my job (i.e., first not cost us the game, and then try to help us win). LeBron and Monta Ellis got player of the week awards, but someone up at is photo-shopping  pictures for their articles.


Here’s the article. If you don’t remember the climatic battle I had with Monta Ellis, there’s a reason for that: It never happened. I have never faced the Warriors in my young career, so I don’t know where the Hell this guy got this picture. I think he ought to be fired personally, if only for using me as a prop to show off Monta Ellis’ skills.

- Rick Daniel

Two More Wins

Swooping Dunk

We recently beat the 76ers at home, and I showed Sebastian Telfair first-hand that I’ve gotten better at dunking. I scored 25 points, had 1 rebound, 4 assists, 1 steal, 1 block and four turnovers. I’ve got to get those turnovers under control! We ultimately won the game by 18 points.

StuffedOur next game was against Golden State, and I had serious trouble around the rim. I got my shot blocked no less then three times. It was irritating! We trailed most of the game, but ultimately won, 88-84. I had 22 points, two rebounds, six assists, a block with three turnovers.I’m shooting better, with FG% of 52% against Philly and 56% against GS. Oh, and I had a great hustle play.

Hustle! Move it, ref! Dumb ass.

As far as our record goes, we’re 11-3 in the last month and 7th in the East. Onwards, to the playoffs!

- Rick Daniel

Wrangling the Warriors

Give me Room!

I’ve now led us to a four game winning streak! I got my second Jordan Player of the Game award of the week today with an 18 point, 2 rebound, 2 steal and 2 assist game on 50% shooting. We beat the Warriors in their place convincingly, outscoring them 18-9 in the 4th to seal the deal.

As for the playoffs, we began the game tied with four other teams at 27-27. With our win, we are now 28-27 and in 6th place in the East. That would match us up with the 3rd place Nets, if the playoffs started today. Instead, they’re are 27 games left Onwards!

- Rick Daniel

Reggie’s off to… Reno!?

WelcomeToRenoWelcome to Reno, Reggie Anderson. Rick Daniel sends his regards, and his regrets. Yup, we’ve got our second player stuck in the disaster that is the Reno Bighorns D-League team. Reggie almost made the Warriors, but was outplayed – barely – by Monte Ellis in the final game of training camp. How is this possible, when I previously stated that he had no hope of a future career? Well, as Rick Daniel said, he went to see a Trainer.

Yes, I cheated for him a little. So what? He was so embarrassingly bad that he needed something. In my defense, I didn’t help his shooting, defense or the like (he’s still a brick layer, and his defense is what cost him his spot in Golden State). Instead, I made him how he was originally intended: athletic, flashy but fundamentally raw. I raised his athleticism and dunking ability, and increased his speed some, but his main stats went untouched, except for points earned by hand. He was 50 (from 42) after the training and is now 53. And he’s still in the D-League. I don’t feel bad about it.

Before anyone cried foul, though; Rick Daniel did not see the same treatment. He’s hand-built, through and through. Anyhow, it’s on to Reno.

Meet My Player – Reggie Anderson


My current star – with Rick Daniel being tired out at the moment – is Reggie Anderson of the Golden State Warriors. Reggie is a 6’5”, 190 lb slashing shooting guard . He’s currently in training camp with them after having a lackluster summer league season. He had one (20 minute) game of 20+ points, another with 10+ assists and another with 10+ rebounds, and his team won all five games, but he’s terribly mediocre. He has zero jump shot ability, and is only average at slashing and dunking. He misses a ton of close shots. On defense he has about as many holes as a sieve. Rated at 41, he has no future at this point, in my opinion, but we’ll see.

He’s going to have to work his butt off to even eke out a living in the D-League. His success in the summer league was due to desire and basketball IQ. Cutting, setting picks, and leaking out on fast breaks were his strong suits.

I don’t see him lasting very long. Hopefully he’ll make it but it’ll take a near miracle.