San Antonio Spurs

Bruised, Battered, and Ultimately Beaten

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Here’s a quick run through the last few games.Just FYI – this is a huge post. First up was Charlotte, and it was the start of a sad slide.


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Introducing My Signature Shot

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Chicago gave us the biggest challenge so far this season. It was touch-and-go the whole game, and they almost kept me in check for most of the match (very picture intense post!).

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Nuggets On a Win Streak?

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We’ve won two in a row, but now we’re up against the Spurs. I obviously wasn’t going to repeat my last performance, so my team would have to step up this time.

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Spurred to a Trade

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First off, I’m honoring the poll on my trade status – I’ve asked to leave Miami. I stated Cleveland, the Lakers and New York as my top three stops. Will I go where I want? Will I go anywhere? Wait and find out, I guess, I because I was still with the Heat when the Spurs came calling this morning.

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Spurred to Defeat (and a Thunderous Injury)


I got back from injury to help us face the Spurs at home while we were riding a 14 game winning streak. I had just 9 points through three and a half quarters before getting hot. I mean RED HOT. I was 0-4 from deep for the game to that point, but I hit 4-4 in the last quarter and a half and wound up with 24 points. I also had 4 rebounds, 3 assists and 4 steals. We didn’t win the game (Wade and LeBron went in to Alpha Dog mode and cost us the game late), but I was back, baby! Next up was a game against the Thunder. My confidence was high. I was ready. It was time to…


… dammit. Just… dammit. I didn’t last six minutes before I had a severe ankle sprain. For goodness sake. I ended up shelved for another two weeks. Oh well, I’m back on the road to recovery. Again.

- Rick Daniel

Rocking the League


Game one of these highlights was the end of an era, but we’ll get to that in a minute. More importantly, it was a 10-point win over the Thunder. I help my man, Russell Westbrooke to 4 points while scoring 14 points with 2 assists and two steals. Yes! The next game, though, changed everything.

013-TheJazz2In our matchup against the Utah Jazz, a balance was struck between the five-minute quarters we’ve been playing and the 10-minute quarters we started the year with. We now play 8-minute quarters, and my stats showed it. I played 31 minutes against the Jazz, scoring 28 points with two rebounds, eight assists, two blocks and a steal with four turnovers. That’s filling a stat sheet, huh?  Unfortunately it was for naught as we lost, 85-74. I was scoring easily, but Deron Williams was tough to stop. The next game was even worse for me, defensively, but it mattered little.

013-TPHImselfTony Parker and I had an old-fashioned showdown, starting in the first quarter where we combined for 29 points. I finished the game with 30 (!) points, 1 board, four assists, a steal and two turnovers on 51% shooting in an 89-74 victory. TP scored 29, so he had a big night, too. Our spark was DeJuan Summers, who came in in the 4th and hit three straight shots, including two three pointers.

013-DunkOnDuncanOn the latest episode of Dunking on the Stars,Tim Duncan was our guest. I think Dwight Howard’s face says it all. Dunking on the former Dunkin’ Deacon!

We’re now 30-28 and in sixth place in the East by half a game. We may make the playoffs yet1

- Rick Daniel

Greed in the NBA

Dunk in ChicagoHey, Greed here. So much for opening the season in the starting five. I began the year on the bench, playing very poorly. In game one against the Hornets (which we won), I scored 2 points and had one rebound and one steal. Games two was a loss to the Bulls. I scored five points here,with one rebound and an assist. Game three was another loss, this one to the Kings, and I scored five points again. However, for whatever reason, game four saw me in the starting line up.

And then everything changed.

Big Dunk in Utah19 points, seven rebounds, a block and a steal on 9-13 shooting helped us beat the Jazz. I played much better in the starting line up, so hopefully they’ll leave me there. I had averaged 4 minutes a game in the first three games, but played 11 here. I hope I proved my worth.

- Gary Reed

Making the Team

Big Slam

Well camp’s over and I made the team. My last two games’ stat lines looked like this.

  • 14 points, 6 boards, 1 assist, 4 steals and a block
  • 30 points, 5 boards, 1 assist, 4 steals and a block

I guess I’m consistent. In the last game I knew I had to light up the scoreboard to make the team, and I did. It’s off to the regular season for me.