Game 5 in Video

Here’s the clip from game five of the Eastern Conference Semifinals I mentioned last post.

Playoff Rollercoaster

nba2k12 2011-12-17 23-34-23-89

It’s playoff time! First, let’s wrap up the end of the season with my awards I won.

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Another Regular Season in the Books

nba2k12 2011-12-05 07-28-44-69

I’ve been playing out a string of unimpressive games, highlighted by a bad turn of luck, but now that’s over. Let’s cover the few highlights.

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All-Star Letdown

nba2k12 2011-12-02 23-49-06-49

It’s the All-Star game! I don’t expect to get allot of burn, but here we go anyway.

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I Make the Team

nba2k12 2011-12-02 03-05-52-88

I got one of my career goals the other day, but we’ll get to that in a minute. We recently played the Celtics and it was almost highlight-free for me. I was convinced I was having a bad game (shooting under 40% will do that to you) but I won Player of the Game. It turned out I led the game in points, rebounds, steals and blocks. Apparently it wasn’t as bad as it seemed.

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Going to See the King

nba2k12 2011-11-27 03-26-50-96

Well, here’s a blast from the past. We were in Cleveland playing LeBron, Andre Iguodala and the Cavs (oddly enough, Iggy was proposed as an option to bring to Cleveland if LeBron stayed in 2010/11, but that’s neither here nor there now).

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From Zero to Hero

nba2k12 2011-11-06 05-28-08-94

This is one of the harder updates to write that I’ve done in a while for a couple reasons. The big one is because I’ve missed updating so many games that this is going to be one lo-o-o-ng update. The other reason is further down the post. First off, we played the Raptors at home

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I Goof Up a Little

nba2k12 2011-11-06 01-56-24-35

I goofed. I messed up. I’ll explain why in a minute (the clue is in the picture above) but first, bring on the Pistons.

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Bull Debut

nba2k12 2011-11-04 05-15-47-71

Two games into my Chicago career, and I’m playing hot-and-cold. First, the hot, against the Mavs in Dallas.

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I’m Free!

nba2k12 2011-11-02 03-51-19-51

I’m a free agent now. I can make my own decision where I want to play. Let’s see who’s offering me a contract!

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