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Hammering Away at the Nuggets

NBA10_SDavidS1c -Seamello

NBA10_SDavidS1c -Bird

Hey dudes. My most recent game was a good one for me, and I scored 18 points, had 4 boards, three dimes and a theft against the Nuggets in Denver. Carmelo Anthony was a handful, but he had most of his 25 points in the fourth quarter, after I was moved to power forward.

I’m working on a post game now. Nah, not the interviews; hook shots, drops steps and stuff. The coach wants me to work on my inside game since I’m so much bigger then the average small forward. I scored three times in the post against the Nuggets, but two of those times I had some midget I didn’t recognize on me. Seriously, he looked fit to play at point, so I just turned and hooked  one in over him.

The biggest problem we had was Chris Anderson. That freaky-looking dude exposed our biggest weakness yet again – we don’t have a center. Dirk  Nowitzki often plays center for us, and he’s always being beat down low (especially when we played the Rockets and Yao Ming) since he’s naturally a perimeter player. Big men out rebound him and score over him with ease, plus guards aren’t being stopped at the rim. I think I need to play power forward more often, just so I can help guard the basket.

Oh, one more thing: Rick Daniel’s rookie card is up on the trading cards page. Grats, dude!

- Sean David

Rick, Deron and all those Jazz

NBA10_RDanielS1k - RickVsWilliams

Utah came calling in my second game in LA, meaning I was to go head to head with Deron Williams. We slugged it out, back and forth, the whole game. My jumpshot was off, so I relied on getting to the rim for my points. I also leaned on my passing game more.

NBA10_RDanielS1k - LayinAll in all, it was a solid game until the fourth quarter. That’s when the heat got turned up about ten notches. It was literally and back-and-forth affair, with us taking a two point lead, them tying it, us taking it back, and so on. We were up by two with under a minute to play and D-Will hit a jumper to tie the game with a little over 30 seconds to play. I got the ball, handed it off the Baron Davis, and cut to the hoop. He hit my in stride and I laid it in to take the lead with less then 20 seconds left. All that remained to seal my game winner as lore was a single defensive stop. We double teamed Williams near the sideline, but I got called for a reach-in with 12 seconds to go. We double teamed him again on the subsequent inbound (we had a foul to give, which is why I reached in – no way I try that if it means shots!) and I forced a jump ball with about seven seconds left. I lost the jump ball, but the rock skittered out past half court and Carlos Boozer needed to heave a 3/4 court shot to win, but I got a hand in his face to get credit with a defensive stop. So, other then the pride of a game well played (and a game-winning shot to my name), did I get anything else?

NBA10_RDanielS1k - JpotG2 I think that says it all.

- Rick Daniel

Jordan Clipper

NBA10_RDanielS1k - RockinClips

Game one in the NBA couldn’t have gone more differently for me compared to Sean. After accidentally wearing my D-League sneakers to the game, I came in off the bench and promptly missed a jump shot and turned the ball over twice. After those early jitters, though, I was red hot. I came off of the bench halfway through the third quarter to spark a comeback and we won. Oh, and I got this little gem.

NBA10_RDanielS1k - JpotG1 I tied my D-League scoring best, had a teammate rating of ‘A’, and played lock down defense. My man – whoever I was stuck on at a given time – was a non-factor.  I gave up zero points the entire game. I know what you’re asking; who am I really and what did I do with the Rick Daniel who plays sucky D? I’m as shocked as anyone. Proud, but shocked.  I even merited two highlight montages during the game. I may have a career here, after all.

Match that, Sean.

- Rick Daniel

Career Shift

NBA10_RDanielS1j - NewLookDrive It’s a banner day in my career. I just had a near-career game against the Tulsa 66ers, netting 12 points, four rebounds, six assists and four steals in a blow-out win. I recently decided that my career needed a new start, so I let my hair grow out, redid my arm bands and changed from Jordan brand shoes to Nike. The win with Tulsa netted me my first winning month with Reno. I didn’t get much time to enjoy it though, because a huge surprise was waiting for me after the game.NBA10_RDanielS1i - NewUni

I’m going to the NBA! The Clippers came calling and I’m on my first ten-day contract in the NBA. I contemplated going back to my old look, but this is how I got here, so this is how I’m going to stay.

My first game coming up with LA is going to be against the Sacramento Kings, but I’m so psyched that I couldn’t be more ready. To fail. Yup, my nerves are wired and I’m set to go down in flames. Hey Sean; we’re friends again, so give me a couple tips, would you?

All in all, I’m excited beyond words. Almost 40 games in Reno and I’ve finally made the NBA. It’s what I started playing for and now that it’s here, I’m going to go all out and make the most of it. The trick is that I’m a point guard, and I have to remember that. I’m not a scorer, and I’m not a slasher; I’m a playmaker.  If I can do that – as I did against Tulsa – I should be ok. Here’s hoping!

- Rick Daniel

Prince of Portland?

NBA10_SDavidS1c -PrinceHook

Hey, I learned something this last game in Dallas; apparently, Portland swung a deal for Tayshawn Prince. Yeah, it shocked me too. I got matched up on him in my latest game, and he wasn’t much of a threat, but LaMarcus Aldridge was, and we lost. Again. Hey Rick, is this what being in Reno feels like? Maybe it’s the color scheme, dude.

In any case, another reason I’m posting this is to notify all of you that the ‘player cards’ page has been renovated with my cards and stats. Yeah, it’s pretty sweet. We also changed the colors some on the menu bar. Pink, be gone! lol

For those who don’t feel like checking my stats, I’m averaging 8.8 points,  2.3 boards, 1.5 dimes, 0.5 takeaways and 0.2 swats per contest. For comparisons sake, that’s just one more point per game then Rick, with less then a full rebound more and half as many assists. Hey Rick, can we be buds again? You rock, dude.

- Sean David

Cavs and Mavs, Oh My

NBA10_SDavidS1c -SeanLeBron

Well, I did have to play the Cavs, and yup, my defense was as bad as I imagined against LeBron. So bad, in fact, that my team put me at other positions for most of the game after a terrible first quarter. I liked shooting guard the best, actually, and scored easily over Delonte West on two straight trips down the court. Power forward sucked, pitting me against Leon Powe, who out rebounded me and would NOT bite on my pump fake. I scored 11 points, but gave up a ton of easy baskets to LeBron and Powe, had two turnovers and missed literally 80% of my shot attempts. That screen above may look like I got to dunk on LeBron, but nope – that’s a rebound I’ve got there. I only had one dunk in the game, but it was a doozy. I had a stretch in the third quarter where I single handedly got us back in the game (before single handedly costing us the game at the end of the fourth). In one sequence, I had a defensive rebound, a score, a steal, a fast break reverse slam, another defensive rebound and another score to give us a one point lead. At the end of the fourth, with us down one, I missed a layup, got a defensive rebound on a Shaq miss, bricked an open jumper, drew a travelling call on Mo Williams, turned the ball over on a bad pass to Dirk and fouled LeBron on a dunk. That was that. They took their now four point lead and ran away to win by eight. I had helped get two stops but blew three scoring opportunities. Think about it: If I could have helped us score on two of those three possessions, we would have had a three point lead and might have won. As it was, I blew it. Again. The worst part is that Shawn Marion is back and healthy, so I’m probably not long for Dallas. Damn.

- Sean David

Bugs and Booms

NBA10_SDavidS1c -PastPosey

NBA10_SDavidS1c -ThunderDavid Back again, dudes, fresh off a couple big games against the New Orleans Hornets and the Oklahoma City Thunder. I had eight first half points against the Hornets, and when I went to the bench late in the second quarter, we had a five point lead. When I got back on the court for the second half, we were down by 12. We never recovered.

We beat the Thunder, with me shutting Durant down when I was on him – even netting a block on a fadeaway of his  – but whenever I got matched with Jeff Green, the dude lit my ass up with dunk after dunk. What the hell? I simply couldn’t stay with the guy. He’d slip behind me for an alley oop (something he did twice) or just spin off me in the post for a slam. To make matters worse, I made a scary realization looking at the Mavs schedule: my 10 day contract may take us through a matchup with the Cavs, meaning I could be asked to stop LeBron. I guess I need to work on my defense.

All in all, I had a couple good games, with several slams apiece, a higher shooting percentage and even a couple threes. I’m getting better, I guess. Maybe I’ll be able to eke out a career after all.

NBA10_SDavidS1c -DurantD – Sean David

Dallas Mavericks: Dream Killers

NBA10_SDavidS1c -Oops

NBA10_SDavidS1c -MavJ It’s been two games since I joined the Mavs on my current 10-day deal, and I’ve learned one thing: I suck. That pic above about sums things up here. Yeah, that’s me being dunked on my a high-flying Dwayne Wade. Fun.

Upon arriving, I learned they had changed my number to 32 from 25 (without asking!). I’ve also played horrible. Lots of turnovers, lots of bad shots, and sieve-like defense. At this rate I’ll be back in the D-League before my team knows I left.

I scored 4 points in our first game (a loss to the Heat) and eight more in a loss to the Charlotte Bobcats. I’ve also missed a ton of open jumpers and blown a handful of layups and hook shots  that I normally hit with ease. Clark Kellogg went on the record as saying that I “am never going to be a star, but if I put in enough work, I may be able to keep a job in the NBA.” That’s the same thing they tell the between-play floor moppers. Hey Rick, dude: this NBA thing just ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. I’ve not even faced an all star at my position yet and I’m getting burned nightly.  Think about having to facing better-then-Mo-Williams-in-Training-Camp level talent every game. Does that make your heart stop? It ought to. Rio Grande Valley, I hope you left my locker open.

- Sean David

I Hate Sean David

NBA10_SDavidS1b - Fadeaway

NBA10_RDanielS1j - MadThree Screw Sean David. What’s so good about him, anyway? What’s he proved? Sure, he has a rating of 50 after only six (undefeated) games in the D-League when it took me 30 or so, and sure, he has an average teammate rating of A- when mine is a full grade lower, but he’s not shown he’s committed yet. I’ve stuck with Reno for over four months, through thick and thin, and I’m still here. He plays a few short games – coming off the bench, like me – and he’s offered a spot on the Mavs. What’s with that?

I swear, life’s not fair sometimes. I put in all this time for a losing squad, and he lucks out, landing with a good team and quickly scores a pro contract.

Sean David, I will have my day. Just you wait.

- Rick Daniel

Winning Big and Moving Up

NBA10_SDavidS1b - Shotshot Hey dudes. I just had a big game against the Albuquerque Firebirds, where their point guard hit a three to tie the game at the end of regulation. We won in overtime, and I got Player of the Game honors for racking up 12 points, 6 assists, 5 rebounds and 2 steals. Best part, though? I’m out of Rio Grande Valley. The Dallas Mavericks called after the game and they signed me to a ten day contract.  Apparently, Shawn Marion got hurt and they needed a small forward for their upcoming game against Miami. Now, I just have to make sure my nerves don’t ruin this once-in-a-lifetime chance.

- Sean David