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Bucking the Bucks

NBA10_RDanielS1k - CrowdedJ

NBA10_RDanielS1k - GoBlakejpg Our most recent game in L.A. was against the Bucks. I went head to head with Brandon Jennings, but thankfully this B.J. isn’t as good as the ‘real-world’ Brandon Jennings. I didn’t play particularly great (6 points, 3 boards and 8 assists) but we won. The big difference here from the last few games is that Blake Griffin showed up. He was big and we won as he and I ran repeated pick-and-rolls down the stretch. My shooting percentage for the game was 28%, but more importantly, I hit two clutch free throws to ice the game in the waning seconds – my only freebies of the night.

I’m wondering if my transition to a passer from the scorer I tried to be when I got here is good or bad for the team. Our offense tends to be hugely disjointed, and I’m not sure if my willing ball distribution is helping or hurting. Should I be trying to score more? Probably not, with my shooting percentage plummeting.

- Rick Daniel

Bumming in Los Angeles

NBA10_RDanielS1k - UpStrongMy Clippers have lost again, this time to the New Orleans Hornets. We led by two after one, trailed by four at the half, and were losing by six to start the fourth quarter. I only had one basket in the first three quarters, but scored three times in the fourth to finish with eight points. Chris Paul lit me up for 12, but the big hurdle for us was our interior defense. Too many layups, too many dunks, and way, WAY too many alley-oops.

NBA10_RDanielS1k - FreakingD We gave up four alley-oop plays to the Bayou Bugs and completed none, screwing up the only one we tried. Blake Griffin played terrible, missing dunks and layups at the rim. This is getting frustrating, because after a good start here in L.A., I feel like they imported my team from Reno to replace our NBA talent. We’ve lost four straight now (I don’t post after every game, obviously), and my frustration is starting to show in my play. It’s really hard to win when your opponent shoots 80% from the field and you’re blowing easy baskets.

- Rick Daniel

Rick is Robbed

NBA10_RDanielS1k - RunningHeat

I just had a terrible game in Miami against the Heat. Ok, so I had six points and six assists. Maybe it wasn’t too terrible for a rookie point guard in his first week or so in the league, but it felt like someone kicked me in the gut. The worst part was at the end of the game, I took a three to tie, missed it, but Blake Griffin tipped the rebound to Eric Gordon who shot a prayer three that WENT IN! Wait – what’s this? No good?! WTF??? The game was ‘decided’ as over as the ball went airborne, and there’s no last-second replay in this league for some reason to see if the shot was actually taken before the buzzer sounded (I’d swear it was, and I was right there). So, it wasn’t so much my play that made me feel sick, but getting cheated at the end of regulation.

- Rick Daniel

Sean Goes for 100!

Ok, so I didn’t score 100 points in a game like Wilt the Stilt, but I did score my 100th career point last game. We were playing the Sacramento Kings at their place and in the fourth quarter I pulled down an offensive rebound before going back up and laying it in. I was notified that that basket put me over 100 points in my short career. Sweet. I scored a total of10 for the game and nabbed 2 boards (both offensive) and had four assists. On top of that, we beat the Kings. No pics from this game because… uh, I’m a dumbass and I didn’t get any. Dammit.

- Sean David

Out of my Way

NBA10_RDanielS1k - ClearoutJazz

In my latest match, this time in Utah against the Jazz, saw me get a little cocky. I called for a series of clear outs against Deron Williams, manufacturing points on most of them, be it on an assist or by making a shot for myself. As usual I got off to a slow start but picked it up in the second half, as did my whole team as we overcame an early deficit to win the game. I had 14 points, bringing my NBA scoring average to 12.8 ppg, compared to the 7.8 I was averaging in the D-League. I’m also averaging  the same number of assists per game (three), almost as many rebounds (1.2 here, 1.5 in the NBADL) and twice as many steals (1.0 compared to 0.5). I’d say I’m making a fairly smooth transition to the NBA game.

- Rick Daniel

Finally Losing in LA

NBA10_RDanielS1k - ShootinSuns

I just had my first loss as a Clipper, and it was frustrating. No one on my team could score, and more often then not we couldn’t make a stop against the Suns (who I actually started my career with in the Summer League, way back when). I even had a bad game for about two and a half quarters. In the last part of the third quarter through the end of the game, though, I scored 11 points and didn’t miss once. I effectively neutralized Steve Nash, scoring-wise (I scored 16 points to his 14), but his teammates were much more effective. Oddly, this was the first game in the NBA that I saw the strategy I saw so often in the NBADL – playing point guard but having the shooting guard defend me. I saw this allot in the D-League (when I wasn’t playing shooting guard myself),  and I like it. lol I can usually get around a shooting guard better then I can a point guard. The big difference in the end of this game and the start of it was that Nash went to the bench. His replacement, Goran Dragic, was much easier to defend and score on. By the time the Suns brought Nash back in, I was red hot and scored on him with equal ease. I ended the game with 16 points, 2 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals.

After the game, I checked my stats and found out that I’m second among rookies in points per game (behind Stephan Curry) and sixth in assists. I’m also second in field goal percentage, which was my biggest weakness in the D-League (I’m shooting nearly 60% from the field here as opposed to 28% in the NBADL). I’m looking good, I feel.

Oh, Sean asked me to share this pic with everyone. It’s from his latest game against the Rockets. His team lost, but this picture was priceless.

NBA10_SDavidS1c - AmongTheTimber – Rick Daniel