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Bucked Again

RDaniel_AttackBucks RDaniel_OverBJ

We could have won. We should have won. We didn’t win; we lost. Damn Bucks.

The Bucks took us two double overtime, both regulation and the first OT ending on a shot by Milwaukee to tie the game. Neither time was it my man who shot it, so I’m not entirely to blame. I blame Baron Davis. He missed game winning, three point buzzer beaters at the end of the 4th quarter AND both OTs. I didn’t get a chance to take the shot, and I was having a great game. I scored 14 points and had 8 assists, 3 rebounds and a steal. Davis 5-13 this game, and was 0-5 from three. Here’s a hint, Baron: Stop shooting threes!

Not our day, it seems.

- Rick Daniel

One Win, One Loss; Two Too Similar Games


RDaniel-WTFRockets It was truly a tale of two games. We played the Rockets recently, and blew them out of the building, 73-51. Our defense was stout and we were hitting our shots. Well, most of us were. I only had seven points on 2-6 shooting, but I had four assists. Blake Griffin and I wore out the high pick and roll against Houston, using it to perfection. I netting three steals to help cement our defensive stamp on the game.

The game was fun to play, and even the Rockets’ mascot seemed overwhelmed (see left).

Oh, and I trimmed my hair down. I wanted a sleeker look, and I wanted to hopefully break my bad luck by trimming my hair. Did it help? Well, we won, but I didn’t play so great myself.

The next game, though, was karmatic retribution.


RDaniel-ControltheGameRDaniel-BurntWarriors Holy crap, did we fall apart against Golden State. I was scoreless myself, missing all seven of my shots. We ended up losing by 22 (54-32), which matched our win differential against Houston.

I was pretty much useless this game. Dishing out my usual four assists doesn’t make me feel any better. My man lit me up, Mo Williams-style.

Frustration is setting in, but in reality, we’ve never been in a position to make a run at the post season, so I just need to keep playing hard to try and net a job next season.

I’m wondering if I’m going to stick on the Clippers first, though. They almost seem better without me. Seriously, they play better with me on the bench, and I can’t hit a shot anymore to save my life.

Maybe next year, I’ll be on a winner. Or maybe I’ll be back in Reno. We’ll see.

- Rick Daniel

Still Losing in L.A.

NBA10_RDanielS1k - DrivingHalfCourt

NBA10_RDanielS1k - ShootOerKid Two more games, two more losses. We played the Kings the other day and I was having a decent game at halftime, netting the Player of the Half award. The second half was just mediocre though. The big hit was that I hadn’t hit a jumpshot in over a week and I had to toss up a long three to tie the game at the buzzer (which, of course, I missed).

I didn’t hit a jumper until the next game against the Mavs. Sean couldn’t be there, I guess. He sent me the following text before the game.

- hey dude i can’t make the game. i can’t say why i just can’t be there. good luck dude. –

In any case,  I hit my first jump shot in over a week over Jason Kidd. We lost, though, after playing poorly the majority of the game.

I need to work on  my jumpshot, bad. I’m hurting the team if I can’t hit an open shot.

- Rick Daniel