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Magic Lose Again

RDaniel_QuickjLittle update here from my game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. I beat Johnny Flynn off the dribble time and again, plus my mid-range jump shot was on, so I racked up a career-high 21 points on this night. I only had 11 assists, though, but that was largely due to my massive amounts of bench time.

I now dread going to the pine. When I was benched , halfway through the 2nd quarter, we were up by one. When I was brought back in after the half, we were down by 13. Huh?? What did they do while I was taking a breather? Worse yet, when I was benched for the first half of  the fourth quarter, their lead was blown up to 21. I never want to take a break again. We lost by 27, by the way.

RDaniel_WolfDrive After the game, I cultivated some new ball-handling moves. I’m now an All-Star ball handler. Yes! In other news, I’m now third in the league in assists with 10.8 apg (behind Rajon Rondo with 15 and Jason Kidd with 11). I’m also second in the league in steals with three per contest (behind only Gerald Wallace, who averages 4.3 spg). Later.

- Rick Daniel

Lakers Win, Magic Suck


What would you say if I told you that game three in RDaniel_OerKobemy Magic career game down to me vs. Kobe in crunch time, and we almost won? Well, make that SHOULD have won. I’ll explain in a  minute.

I ended the game with 13 points, 16 assists and four steals (we’ve gone to 10 minute quarters this year), and was the catalyst for our offense. We were down by 18 points in the third quarter, but had tied it up with under a minute to go. The Magic utilize a facet of my game I’ve not had to flash since my D-League days: they play me at shooting guard half of the time. Of course, against the Lakers, that means I’m head-to-head with Kobe Bryant. He made – not counting two runaway fast break dunks – only four shots over the course of the game on me. When Jameer Nelson was on him, he lit him up for most of his 46 points. Ouch. Dwight pitched in 28 points and 16 boards, while Vince Carter contributed 27 points, but it wasn’t enough. It should have been, though.

Here’s how it went down. We were down by two with twenty seconds to play in the game. Nelson, for whatever reason, decides to dribble the clock out at half court before throwing it to me in the corner with 0.2 seconds left. I was 2-4 on threes in the game (including a half time buzzer beater) at that point, but c’mon, 0.2 seconds? When we started with 20? I have no idea why he stood at half court for 19.8 seconds, sealing our fate. Needless to say, I finished the game 2-5 on threes. We had a whole shot clock to make a two to tie or a three to win, but Nelson squandered it. I hate Jameer Nelson.

- Rick Daniel

Take the First Train Out of LA…

Not allot good happened in the last two games of my rookie campaign. We lost by 26 points to the Dallas Mavericks and got walloped by the Lakers by 20. The good news is, I took the first ticket out of LA and I’m now a member of the Orlando Magic (the Rockets, Grizzlies and Clippers were my other suitors).

Oh, as for the NBA Finals, the Spurs beat the Knicks in seven games. I knew you were wondering. Yes, the Knicks made the NBA Finals, besting the Cavs and Hawks in the process. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m in some whacko fantasy video game world or something.

- Rick Daniel

Downed by Golden State


I’m down to my last three games of my rookie season. Game #1 of 3: home for Golden State. Long story short: we lost. Short story slightly longer: I played decent, but my long-range shooting touch was again absent and I hit only 1 of 5 on triple tries. I had 12 points (mostly on drives to the hoop past Monte Ellis), six assists, two steals and a block. Yes, I blocked a shot. Stop acting so surprised. In any case, it was a back-and-forth one point game most of the night until we screwed it all up in the last minute. Sometimes I hate my teammates.

Oh, and the last game was a  near win over Sacramento but I’m so bummed over this loss that I’m not going to regale you in my tales of success. Later.

RDaniel_ShootingTheKings-  Rick Daniel