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Flying High in a Loss


It’s been an up-and-down first two games in Reno. In the first game (against the Idaho Stampede) I scored just four points and had two assists in a seven point loss. Oops. Second game (also against Idaho) was better, and I got out and ran some, resulting in the windmill dunk you see above. I got 19 points this time with four assists, but we lost by six. Man, Reno sucks.

Tell me about it.

- Rick Daniel

In the end, I’m 0-2 and we’re not looking very good. I hope I get out of here soon.

- Reggie Anderson

Reggie’s off to… Reno!?

WelcomeToRenoWelcome to Reno, Reggie Anderson. Rick Daniel sends his regards, and his regrets. Yup, we’ve got our second player stuck in the disaster that is the Reno Bighorns D-League team. Reggie almost made the Warriors, but was outplayed – barely – by Monte Ellis in the final game of training camp. How is this possible, when I previously stated that he had no hope of a future career? Well, as Rick Daniel said, he went to see a Trainer.

Yes, I cheated for him a little. So what? He was so embarrassingly bad that he needed something. In my defense, I didn’t help his shooting, defense or the like (he’s still a brick layer, and his defense is what cost him his spot in Golden State). Instead, I made him how he was originally intended: athletic, flashy but fundamentally raw. I raised his athleticism and dunking ability, and increased his speed some, but his main stats went untouched, except for points earned by hand. He was 50 (from 42) after the training and is now 53. And he’s still in the D-League. I don’t feel bad about it.

Before anyone cried foul, though; Rick Daniel did not see the same treatment. He’s hand-built, through and through. Anyhow, it’s on to Reno.

Hounding the Wolves


We finally won, beating Minnesota 112-103. Our win was helped greatly by solid defense, and that was easy to come by since the T-Wolves seemed to have exactly one offense play: Johnny Flynn tosses it to rookie shooting guard Wayne Bush on the left post and he throws up a turn around jumper no matter what. It became so predictable that I started tipping almost every pass. I also blocked one of Bush’s jumpers, and influenced a handful of others. I had a solid game with 15 points, 1 rebound, 9 assists, a steal and a block, and also no turnovers. I shot 53% for the game, hitting my only three. My most commended asset in the post-game breakdown was my defense, but when your opponent runs one play, that’s not hard. I did come to one conclusion this game, though.

This team will only go as far as I can carry it.

Why is that? Because when I play well, like this game and last, we have a chance to win. When I don’t, we lose. Badly. I’ve long stated that my goal is not to win games for my teams, but rather not to lose them. Now, I need to step up and try to be the catalyst each and every game. The big problem is that I think I prefer being a shooting guard. Let Jameer handle the point, and I’ll roam, setting picks and finding open shots like I did in the second half of this game. I ‘ve gotten stronger now, so I can set picks,  fight through picks, and post up smaller guards. Speaking of guards…

Stan Van Gundy is an idiot. He’s been sticking 5’10” Brevin Knight in at small forward all season (apparently taking the ‘small’ part far too seriously), but this game he really stressed me out. Our on-court five in the third quarter looked like this: Jameer Nelson, me, Brevin Knight, Earl Watson and Marcin Gortat. Yes, that’s four point guards and a power forward. What were we supposed to do, out-run them? We were crushing them in the half court and locking down the paint on D, and that doesn’t happen with four midgets and one big man!!! *sigh*

I hope that that’s the last we see of that particular experiment.

- Rick Daniel

Bearly Beaten


JumperGrizz Oh no you don’t, O.J.!  I got up and blocked that alley-oop dunk attempt. Go me! Unfortunately we lost again, and this time in odd circumstances.

First off: anytime we’re counting on me to hit a three pointer, we’re screwed – but that comes later. First, we were up two with under 10 seconds to go and Vince Carter was fouled, but he missed both freebies. Color me peeved. The Grizzlies came right down the court and Zach Randolph hit a game-tying buzzer beater.

In overtime, we were down by two, with 30 seconds to go, Grizzlies ball, and they had only 14 seconds on the shot clock when Dwight Howard was called for defensive 3 seconds – at the three point line. I swear! He was nowhere near the paint, and they rung him up anyway. We then needed a three to win, and with my team all standing under the basket, I had to take it. Can you say, “air ball?” Yeah. It was ugly.

MemphisDriveby It was my most complete game, I thought, since I got to Orlando. I shot 50% from the field, had 18 points, 3 rebounds, 9 assists and a block with only one turnover. If only we’d won.

- Rick Daniel

Big Ol’ Post


I’m back to update on my last three games. Game one had us facing the Nuggets at home, and I just about single-handedly cost us that game. How? By shooting 9-23 (39%) from the field and only handing out four assists. I don’t know what came over me. I also had four turnovers, which could easily have been doubled if they counted tipped passes. Bad, bad game.

NetsNet The next game featured the Nets in New Jersey. We were getting pounded through three quarters when I decided the game was lost anyway and figured it wouldn’t hurt to try and win it by myself. I had 13 points and five assists that quarter (I had 17 points and 9 assists total), but we lost by two. My seven turnovers over the course of the game didn’t help our cause.


NuJ Finally, we played the Celtics in Boston. I donned a headband for this game to try and change my luck. Rondo only got seven points on me, but Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett went off and we lost again. I shot almost 50% from the field, and had the same number of assists as points (13). However, we still lost by 5.

I also developed a new jumpshot that helped some on mid-range jumpers but didn’t fix my 3 point touch (I was 1-5). I’m not sure if I’m ever going to get my feel back from distance.

In semi-related news, Reggie Anderson is still in camp with Golden State, but was looking terrible. I finally referred him to a Trainer. He’s a little better but still likely won’t make the team. I’m sure he’ll check in once camp is over.

- Rick Daniel

Trading Card Update

I’ve updated Rick Daniel’s trading card for his sophomore effort with the Magic. I hope everyone likes it. I’ll have his stat sheet up before too terribly long. While I’m here, here’s a larger copy of the card. RDanielCard2 Enjoy.

Meet My Player – Reggie Anderson


My current star – with Rick Daniel being tired out at the moment – is Reggie Anderson of the Golden State Warriors. Reggie is a 6’5”, 190 lb slashing shooting guard . He’s currently in training camp with them after having a lackluster summer league season. He had one (20 minute) game of 20+ points, another with 10+ assists and another with 10+ rebounds, and his team won all five games, but he’s terribly mediocre. He has zero jump shot ability, and is only average at slashing and dunking. He misses a ton of close shots. On defense he has about as many holes as a sieve. Rated at 41, he has no future at this point, in my opinion, but we’ll see.

He’s going to have to work his butt off to even eke out a living in the D-League. His success in the summer league was due to desire and basketball IQ. Cutting, setting picks, and leaking out on fast breaks were his strong suits.

I don’t see him lasting very long. Hopefully he’ll make it but it’ll take a near miracle.