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Straight from the ‘Don’t Do It Vince!’ Files

Slam Dunk

Vince Carter is not my friend right now. We played the Hawks the other day in Atlanta, and I had a fairly off game. I was getting to the rim and should have cracked 30 points easy, but my layups kept falling off the cylinder. I finished with 24 points, six assists, four steals, one block, steal and rebound, but three turnovers on 50% shooting. I did hit a three, though, and had the gliding dunk above in the first half.

Now, as to why Vince isn’t my friend at the moment, we were down by three with about 12 seconds to go. We’d gone on a 15-4 run to get to that point and we had the ball, with Rashard Lewis inbounding. I caught the inbounds pass and was double teamed so I threw it to Vince. He decided it would be a good idea to throw up a fall away half-court three rather then work for a decent shot or try for two and a foul. Needless to say, we lost.

Sometimes I want to beat my teammates.

- Rick Daniel

Two More Wins

Swooping Dunk

We recently beat the 76ers at home, and I showed Sebastian Telfair first-hand that I’ve gotten better at dunking. I scored 25 points, had 1 rebound, 4 assists, 1 steal, 1 block and four turnovers. I’ve got to get those turnovers under control! We ultimately won the game by 18 points.

StuffedOur next game was against Golden State, and I had serious trouble around the rim. I got my shot blocked no less then three times. It was irritating! We trailed most of the game, but ultimately won, 88-84. I had 22 points, two rebounds, six assists, a block with three turnovers.I’m shooting better, with FG% of 52% against Philly and 56% against GS. Oh, and I had a great hustle play.

Hustle! Move it, ref! Dumb ass.

As far as our record goes, we’re 11-3 in the last month and 7th in the East. Onwards, to the playoffs!

- Rick Daniel

Shooting Us to Death

Out of my way

I just had my first terrible game in quite a while. We were playing the Bucks in Milwaukee and I was 7-20 going into the last couple seconds of the game. I did have three rebounds, seven assists and three steals, but I also had three turnovers. We were down by one with under 10 seconds to go when I proved an old saying: there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. I was arrogant. Vince Carter was scoring really well – shooting 8-11 with 20 points – and probably should have gotten the ball, but I took the last shot anyway. I ended the game 7-21 and we lost.  Dammit

Too Much to HandleThis was the real story. Michael Redd scored 30 points on over 50% shooting, and we had no one to match up with him. I kept Brandon Jennings quiet, 4 points on 2-5 shooting with 6 turnovers, but Redd was just too hot to stop. Oh well. Can’t win ‘em all, I guess.

- Rick Daniel

Taking no Bull


Another good game, another win, this time against the Bulls at home. I scored 25 points with two rebounds, nine assists and a block on 50% shooting.  I’m proudest of my 9 assists – that’s what a point guard is supposed to do. I also surpassed 1,000 points for my career in our victory over Chicago.

What has sparked this sudden run of wins? Defense and rebounding. Our big men – Dwight Howard and Kevin Love – have finally taken to defending our basket and crashing the boards. Why? I have no idea. As for why I’m scoring more since just before All-Star break, I’ve got two things to thank for that. One is going to the basket more aggressively. I’m no longer a spot-up shooter. I used to just sit on the three-point line allot, waiting for an open look. I also move more without the ball then I used to, cutting and setting on-and-off ball picks to free myself and everyone else. The second major difference came from Gary Reed. The guy taught me his shooting stroke, and that changed everything. I’m still lackluster from deep (0-2 against the Bulls, for example), but my midrange game has flourished. When I can’t get to the rim I pull up for a 10 or 15 foot shot that I often make. Thanks Greed!

- Rick Daniel

Rocking the League


Game one of these highlights was the end of an era, but we’ll get to that in a minute. More importantly, it was a 10-point win over the Thunder. I help my man, Russell Westbrooke to 4 points while scoring 14 points with 2 assists and two steals. Yes! The next game, though, changed everything.

013-TheJazz2In our matchup against the Utah Jazz, a balance was struck between the five-minute quarters we’ve been playing and the 10-minute quarters we started the year with. We now play 8-minute quarters, and my stats showed it. I played 31 minutes against the Jazz, scoring 28 points with two rebounds, eight assists, two blocks and a steal with four turnovers. That’s filling a stat sheet, huh?  Unfortunately it was for naught as we lost, 85-74. I was scoring easily, but Deron Williams was tough to stop. The next game was even worse for me, defensively, but it mattered little.

013-TPHImselfTony Parker and I had an old-fashioned showdown, starting in the first quarter where we combined for 29 points. I finished the game with 30 (!) points, 1 board, four assists, a steal and two turnovers on 51% shooting in an 89-74 victory. TP scored 29, so he had a big night, too. Our spark was DeJuan Summers, who came in in the 4th and hit three straight shots, including two three pointers.

013-DunkOnDuncanOn the latest episode of Dunking on the Stars,Tim Duncan was our guest. I think Dwight Howard’s face says it all. Dunking on the former Dunkin’ Deacon!

We’re now 30-28 and in sixth place in the East by half a game. We may make the playoffs yet1

- Rick Daniel

Wrangling the Warriors

Give me Room!

I’ve now led us to a four game winning streak! I got my second Jordan Player of the Game award of the week today with an 18 point, 2 rebound, 2 steal and 2 assist game on 50% shooting. We beat the Warriors in their place convincingly, outscoring them 18-9 in the 4th to seal the deal.

As for the playoffs, we began the game tied with four other teams at 27-27. With our win, we are now 28-27 and in 6th place in the East. That would match us up with the 3rd place Nets, if the playoffs started today. Instead, they’re are 27 games left Onwards!

- Rick Daniel

Clipping into the Playoff Picture


Continuing my “Thank Goodness Lyle Johnston isn’t Here” tour, we found ourselves in L.A. to play my former team. I played well again, with 12 points, four assists and two steals on 50% shooting. With me playing well again we can get back to everyone’s favorite running subplot, Dunking on the Stars!

012-DunkingLA Marcus Camby got posterized, and my man Baron Davis just wanted our of the way.

Oh, big news today. We’re in the playoff picture! I found out during the game via a very disturbing on-screen blurb.

012-WhatTheHeatHow on Earth are the Heat in first by negative half a game? If they’re in first, they’re first. Cleveland should be half a game back, right? That is right, isn’t it? Doesn’t that make more sense? Sometimes this game makes my head hurt.

- Rick Daniel

I’m Back: the “No Lyle Johnston” Edition

Flying through the Sun(s)I’m back to form again. See what I mean when I say that Lyle Johnston is my bane? Now that he’s out of the equation, I scored 19 points, had  four assists and a steal on 50% shooting in a 12 point romp of the Suns in Phoenix. I even made a three point shot! I had no turnovers, and I even nabbed the Jordan Player of the Game award.

I feel better now.

All-Star Suffering

Got my Shot BlockedAnd there goes my confidence again. I played in the Sophomore/Rookie game yesterday and it was ugly. I had an even worse game then I did against Houston! I shot 2-20. 2-20! I’ll get in to why I took so many shots in a minute, but I think I’ve found a constant between these two terrible games. A great evil, one which I can not dispel.

It’s name is Lyle Johnston.

That so-and-so from Houston was here, starting across from me. For whatever reason, whenever I face him I play terrible. I can’t cut to the basket, I can’t shoot, my layups fall off the rim… it’s horrible. I hate Lyle Johnston.

As for why I shot so much, for whatever reason my team was deferring to me. They’d pass me the ball back whenever I tried to set them up, and they kept clearing out for me. Normally I would be flattered, but when I’m ice cold, you need to find another option. I finished with 6 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist, 3 steals, 2 blocks, and two turnovers on the aforementioned 2-20 shooting. It was a solid game if you don’t take in account I made Allen Iverson, circa 1996 look scared to shoot.

Naturally Lyle Johnston was the MVP of the game with 8 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 block, and a turnover on 3-6 shooting.

I hope I never see him again.

- Rick Daniel

Scoring a Win

Yes! I would like to formally thank the Hawks for restoring my confidence. A game after I had the worst performance of my career, I went out and had the best scoring game I’ve ever had.

Bye bye Bibby There was nothing the Hawks could do to slow me down. Mid-range jumpers, shots at the rim, layup and-ones… I was hot. I piled 26 points on Atlanta, more then half of my team’s total points and almost as much as ATL’s top two scorers combined. Yes! I only had one assist and a block, so it wasn’t a real complete game, but my points came on 57% shooting (11-19), so I wasn’t just jacking up shots. Another plus is that everyone who got floor time for us scored at least one basket. It was a great game.

- Rick Daniel