Monthly Archives: April 2011

Blinded by the Suns

nba2k11 2011-04-30 04-22-20-48

It’s time for game five in Phoenix! We got a hostile welcome of course, so we were definitely the ‘bad guys.’

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Quick Game Four

nba2k11 2011-04-28 05-02-18-92

I just thought you’d like to know what the Suns are up against every night. Do you know how hard it is to carry a 40 ppg average??

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My Teammates got My Back

nba2k11 2011-04-26 23-51-05-72

It’s back to Denver for game three with the series tied 1-1. I was a bit frustrated after last game and decided that we lost because I scored too much. I’d dominated the ball too much and hurt the team. This game, I was going to step back and let the team do what it does. Hopefully that doesn’t include ‘throw up more bricks then the Montresor in Cask of Amontillado.”

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Half Century and Pain

nba2k11 2011-04-26 01-09-35-05

Game two would be a different beast from game one. Here Phoenix’s coach fires up Steve Nash before the game. I didn’t need any motivation. I wanted to go home back to Denver up 2-0, and that’s all I needed to know.

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Down to the Wire

nba2k11 2011-04-25 00-45-14-74

Game one in Phoenix was a hard one. We pushed out early but the Suns punched back late. Did we win? Let’s find out.

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Headed Toward the Suns

nba2k11 2011-04-23 01-40-54-92

It’s game five in Oklahoma City. We’re up 3-1 in the series so this is pivotal – if they win here they’ll have confidence going back to our place and we could be in shambles. We have to win tonight.

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Crashing Back to Earth

nba2k11 2011-04-22 01-17-10-49

It’s game four, and our home crowd hungers to witness a sweep of the top-seeded Oklahoma City Thunder. We want to give it to them, too. I don’t think we can win this series on their floor, so we’ve got to put them down while we can.

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Rocking the Record Book

nba2k11 2011-04-18 03-47-35-25

We are back in Denver for game three! It would be a record-smashing affair, so let’s get started.

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Lightning Does Strike Twice

nba2k11 2011-04-16 01-17-37-08

I got out on the court early to get my shooting touch down.This was a huge game for us. We wanted to go home with a 2-0 advantage. If we were 1-1, I didn’t fancy out chances. We had to win this one.

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Thunder and Lightning

nba2k11 2011-04-15 00-40-50-98

Welcome to Oklahoma City, everyone. It’s the playoffs, game one between our upstart Denver Nuggets and the favored Oklahoma City Thunder. Could we compete? Let’s find out.

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