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This Season’s Over

NBA2K11 2011-09-26 01-08-57-78

This is about all you need to know about my last game. I twisted my ankle badly, and missed three weeks. This kills the season for me, and I think I’m shelving this blog until 2K12 comes out. I’ll explain why.

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Going Off on Orlando

NBA2K11 2011-09-05 02-38-39-73

I recently had a string of good games, so here’s the summary form. First up was Milwaukee again, this time at their place. Here’s about all you need to know about that game: me swatting Brandon Jennings’ three attempt to close the third quarter. I was solid, but there was a reason we blew them out.

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Retiring Rick Daniel (For Now)

I’ve decided that come NBA 2K12, I’m going to continue this blog but Rick Daniel will no longer be the centerpiece. I’m not tired of playing him but two years of following him is probably enough in my mind, so I will be throwing together a new player for 2K12. I’m debating his ‘big brother,’ Bud Daniel. Bud is usually my running back in Madden and NCAA Football games so he would be a bigger, more physical presence.  He usually stands 6’5” and weighs 235 lbs so he could be a shooting guard or undersized small forward. Maybe I’ll start someone completely new. Any suggestions would be welcome! Vote on the polls to help shape my next My Player!

Bruised, Battered, and Ultimately Beaten

NBA2K11 2011-08-17 03-57-43-59

Here’s a quick run through the last few games.Just FYI – this is a huge post. First up was Charlotte, and it was the start of a sad slide.


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