Blinded by the Suns

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It’s time for game five in Phoenix! We got a hostile welcome of course, so we were definitely the ‘bad guys.’

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And Melo was definitely the ‘good guy.’ We had to contain him but it would be hard. We still lack any one of his athletic size and/or speed so… I don’t know. We’ll have to figure something out.

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Early on he posted me up. Yeah, that’s fair. My only option was no deny the entry pass.

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Mission accomplished. I had to do damn near everything on this team because so one else would. I had to defend my man and freelance on Anthony as well..

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One play had Hamilton defending Alonzo Gee attacking the rim.

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I jumped to his aid.

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Fortunately he double clutched and gave me time to get there.

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Like the legendary Bill Russell, I block the ball in-bounds so we can start a break.

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I was frustrated by our lack of effort in the first quarter and opted to relieve my stress with a buzzer beater.

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It was a bad, bad game, so this was my highlight.

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Pop quiz, everybody! Who gets this rebound?

nba2k11 2011-04-30 04-39-22-97

If you answered, “the guy who wants it the most,” give yourself a cookie. If you also guessed that Melo wanted more then Gordon and I, give yourself another one. I’m so mad right now.

nba2k11 2011-04-30 05-04-42-94

We lost. Obviously. Every time we made a run to close the gap, they’d make a counter run that was usually sparked by something stupid I did. Bad passes, missed shots, defensive gambles, turnovers, fouls… I sucked. My stats look ok, with 49 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists, but I had 4 turnovers and three fouls. I hit 7 of my 9 three point tries so I wasn’t chucking up bricks all game.

My team ultimately lost this game on second change points. The Suns would grab nearly every rebound and had a ton of and-ones so we just didn’t have any effort. My wrist injury has somehow made me unable to jump high enough to dunk and too slow to outrun anyone so we may be in trouble. Nene got hurt this game a well, so that hurts too. My only consolation is that we lost out first clinching game against the Thunder as well. We’re going back to Denver now so we HAVE to win this one. There’s no option.

- Rick Daniel

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