Back at Last

It’s been quite some time since I’ve checked in. My big brother, Bud Daniel, is tearing up the Big Leagues in MLB 2K10, so I thought I’d let you know what I’m up to. Recently, in an act of mercy, the games have been cut back to 5 minute quarters. In my first game under this new time rule, we lost to the Mavericks, despite a decent performance by me. I actually cost us the game when I caught a rebound under the hoop with 15 seconds left and a two point deficit. I tried to go back up with it and got stuffed – game over.

LayupGriz The next game was crazy. Not only did the team trust me in to the starting lineup for the first time, someone sped the pace of the game up to double what it was (translation: I tweaked the video settings to get 30 FPS instead of 15), so I spent part of our matchup with the Grizzlies trying to get acclimated. I really should have gone to a shoot around first! I ended up with 9 points, but that was on 4-15 shooting. Ouch. After some time in the gym, I was ready to try again.

RunningCatsNext game featured us hosting the Bobcats. This time, I was ready and prepared to score. End line: 16 points, 3 assists, two steals and the Player of the Game award in a win. Yes! i shot a sweet 8-10 this time, which felt good. We beat the ‘Cats 61-44 and it really wasn’t that close. Now, to carry that momentum into the next game.

- Rick Daniel

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