My Last Game in Denver?

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Hopefully this is our last game in Denver this year. If we win, we can close it out in Chicago next game. If not, we’ll have to win at their place to try and bring the series back home. Let’s see how game four went down.

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I again finished the first quarter cold with only 9 points and we were down four. Chris Anderson had to console me on my struggles. We hung around though and were within five in the closing seconds of the first half.

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Make that within two. I had 23 points at the half and it was looking like a carbon copy of game three.

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Luol Deng has been a pain the whole series, able to score whenever he wants to. He’s not their biggest threat, though.

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How in the Hell do we stop Boozer? Right now it’s looking nigh impossible. Double teams, big men, little guys, it just doesn’t matter.We kept falling behind and just couldn’t take the lead. in the third. My shot was just ok, but fortunately I had help tonight.

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Meet my hero. Ben Gordon was our hot hand tonight and I but one job in the third quarter.

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Get him the ball where he could score. I sat at the end of the third with us up two, but when I got back in we were up eight. Now that’s the team I’ve been waiting on! I just have to close this thing down.

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Here’s the exclamation point, my last basket of the game with around a minute left. Noah just gets out of the way. He had to feel how I felt last game -  just so close all game but not able to come out on top.

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This picture shows the relief I felt when we finally clinched the win.  I can’t tell you how proud I am of my team. I went out of my way early to get them involved and it paid off big time.

I finished with 37 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 steals, and only one turnover on 70% shooting. I hit 2 of 3 on threes, too. Gordon pitched in a crucial 18 points and was the reason we won the game. If he doesn’t come up big for us, we’re tied 2-2 going to Chicago. Instead, we’re up 3-1 and can send the Bulls home on their own court.

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It’s almost time! Can we seal the deal? Find out next game!

- Rick Daniel

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