Enter: The Hawk

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It’s my first game in Atlanta! I wanted to get off to a great start and make a good first impression, and I think I did – but my team also made an impression on me.

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Here’s my first shot as a Hawk, a short jumper. My next basket was a little better.

nba2k11 2011-05-17 00-53-18-26

Don’t you agree? I sat midway through the first with foul trouble and only six points but my team continued  to play well. This team has a great half-court game, unlike the Nuggets. They’re patient, calm and accurate. It was fun.

nba2k11 2011-05-17 01-04-38-82

In the second, I had the Mavs point guard (who I can’t remember the name of right now) ducking for cover. I also hit a shot that had to make the Hawks fan feel good about me signing with them.

nba2k11 2011-05-17 01-07-40-23

Clock running down, crossing half court…

nba2k11 2011-05-17 01-07-44-07

… I stopped just short of the three point line.

nba2k11 2011-05-17 01-08-00-34

I pulled up, and you can guess the result.

nba2k11 2011-05-17 01-08-04-76

nba2k11 2011-05-17 01-08-09-76

nba2k11 2011-05-17 01-08-15-50

nba2k11 2011-05-17 01-08-19-44

This is one of the first buzzer beater’s I’ve hit while getting decked. Another first!

nba2k11 2011-05-17 01-08-25-19

This game was a laugher early, and I didn’t have to score allot for it to happen. My team was doing their part and scoring, playing defense, rebounding, and looked really good.

nba2k11 2011-05-17 01-17-07-13

I like this play, so I’m sharing it.

nba2k11 2011-05-17 01-17-15-44

nba2k11 2011-05-17 01-17-20-51

nba2k11 2011-05-17 01-17-32-58

That’s a “no,” buddy.

nba2k11 2011-05-17 01-19-00-04

At one point Josh Smith got dunked on good.

nba2k11 2011-05-17 01-19-07-68

It looked kind of bad, but he’s not really at fault. See that arm on the side of the screen?
nba2k11 2011-05-17 01-19-13-54

It was me. I gambled off of Bogans on defense and he got past me. Sorry, Josh.

nba2k11 2011-05-17 01-20-02-82

It actually happened twice in the 4th quarter. I wanted payback so bad.

nba2k11 2011-05-17 01-20-35-82

The very next play, I went and got it.

nba2k11 2011-05-17 01-20-39-78

nba2k11 2011-05-17 01-20-44-03

nba2k11 2011-05-17 01-20-49-79

nba2k11 2011-05-17 01-20-54-53

nba2k11 2011-05-17 01-21-00-79

nba2k11 2011-05-17 01-21-06-36

nba2k11 2011-05-17 01-21-14-40

Ok, so Bogans wasn’t in the area, but I still think it counts. We on by 33, and I scored 41 points. I went haywire late in the fourth because the Mavs defense got sloppy and I could score at will. I also had 3 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 steal, 2 blocks and no turnovers on 83% shooting (3/4 on threes). Joe Johnson scored 17 points, had 6 rebounds, 6 assists and a block on 50% shooting. Over half of our field goals came off of assists (25 assists o 47 field goals) so we were a great team. Even if we were playing the lowly Mavs (power ranked 27th), it’s a good start to the season. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

- Rick Daniel

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