Trial, Error and Frustration

NBA2K11 2011-08-08 01-17-12-79

A couple more games under my belt, and they were just a run of  frustration. First up, the Pistons at home.

NBA2K11 2011-08-08 01-42-39-65

I got off to a good start, scoring at will and playing solid defense. The only thing that could derail me would be foul trouble.

NBA2K11 2011-08-08 01-28-43-37

Needless to say, I found foul trouble. I played less then 10 seconds between the second half of the 2nd quarter and then start of the fourth. By that time, all my rhythm was gone. I finished with 23 points, 4 rebounds and five assists, but most of that came in the first quarter. Oh well, next game!

NBA2K11 2011-08-08 03-34-46-99

My hometown Cavs came to town, and again I was torrid to start. 11 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists in the first quarter. I was being careful with foul trouble, so the only thing that could slow me down this time would be…

NBA2K11 2011-08-08 03-54-07-84

… oh hell no. I’m hurt. Not again! I get hurt every year around this time.

NBA2K11 2011-08-08 03-54-31-38

“It’s the big one, Elizabeth!” Actually, no it wasn’t.I came back out after sitting a while but again my tempo was shot.

NBA2K11 2011-08-08 04-05-54-36

It was another good win, and I finished with 23 points, 10 rebounds, 6 assists, 1 steal and 1 block. Were my stats coming back down to Earth after my dominant stretch to open the season (36-6-6)?

NBA2K11 2011-08-09 02-53-02-27

Our next matchup was with the Lakers at home on New Year’s Eve. I’d have rather been in Los Angele for the holiday, but whatever. It was billed as a star matchup, but I didn’t understand why. Who’s playing point for the Lakers now? They don’t have an equal to me other then Bryant, but he’s usually at the other guard position. Who’s my ‘star’ foe? Wait, they couldn’t be playing him at…

NBA2K11 2011-08-09 03-35-23-60

Yup, my matchup was against none other then Jellybean Junior, Kobe Bryant. I guess he’s the point guard for the Lakers now. That’s not a good fit to me, but they didn’t ask me.

NBA2K11 2011-08-09 03-10-20-83

Stopping Kobe’s about as hard as you’d imagine. I got him to pick up his dribble at the top of the key with them up one and figured I had him trapped.

NBA2K11 2011-08-09 03-10-29-46

NBA2K11 2011-08-09 03-10-50-25

Or not.

NBA2K11 2011-08-09 03-11-06-45

Today’s lesson: never think you’ve got Jellybelly under control. It just doesn’t happen.

NBA2K11 2011-08-09 03-13-06-37

Shortly after, with us up by two and six seconds to go in the half I nabbed a rebound at their end.

NBA2K11 2011-08-09 03-13-09-43

NBA2K11 2011-08-09 03-13-14-28

I took off to our side of the court, but I wasn’t going coast to coast.

NBA2K11 2011-08-09 03-13-18-16


NBA2K11 2011-08-09 03-13-22-21

NBA2K11 2011-08-09 03-13-24-54

… Pull! One second to go on the clock, and the ball’s airborne.

NBA2K11 2011-08-09 03-13-42-92

NBA2K11 2011-08-09 03-14-01-21

Never in doubt.

NBA2K11 2011-08-09 03-14-12-96

We went on to pull away and win the game. Despite my bad hand, I was still a force to be reckoned with. For example, late in the game I just showed off at Steve Blake‘s expense.

NBA2K11 2011-08-09 03-32-55-53

I took the ball to him,

NBA2K11 2011-08-09 03-32-58-47

crossed him up,

NBA2K11 2011-08-09 03-33-03-93

then waited got him back on me.

NBA2K11 2011-08-09 03-32-26-81

NBA2K11 2011-08-09 03-32-28-56

Then I promptly shook him a second time for good measure.

NBA2K11 2011-08-09 03-32-32-13

NBA2K11 2011-08-09 03-32-36-49

Of course, that’s all worthless unless you can drain the shot.

NBA2K11 2011-08-09 03-32-46-15

Which I obviously can. Game. I finished my first full game with a bad wrist with 33 points, 3 rebounds, 8 assists, 2 steals and 1 turnover. Not bad for a wounded player.

NBA2K11 2011-08-12 00-45-25-77Our next game was comparatively bland. We simply beat Washington. The only semi-interesting interaction came during a time out.

NBA2K11 2011-08-12 00-49-20-72

Ack! That’s a flagrant, Gil! Arenas got to stay in the game after this, which I think was all kinds of wrong. Oh, could someone answer a question for me?

NBA2K11 2011-08-12 01-07-20-17

NBA2K11 2011-08-12 01-07-23-24

NBA2K11 2011-08-12 01-07-26-11

Who the Hell is Josh Smith inbounding to? Yeah, I know John Wall got the ball, but that can’t have been his plan, could it? The guy needs tried for mutiny if it was.

NBA2K11 2011-08-12 01-14-10-30

I wrapped this game up with 34 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists and 2 steals. So much for a drop off in stats.

- Rick Daniel

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