This Season’s Over

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This is about all you need to know about my last game. I twisted my ankle badly, and missed three weeks. This kills the season for me, and I think I’m shelving this blog until 2K12 comes out. I’ll explain why.

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My team was 44-3 when I got hurt, but we’d gotten a bad case of rubberbanditus. My shots were missing more then they usually to and my teammates are usually no use at all, while the other teams hit absurd shots to get back into games. We were still winning but it was getting apparent that the game was trying to balance our dominance by skewing the odds against us.


Also, I wanted badly to get some recognition for my efforts this year and I was well on my way. When I got hurt I was leading the league in scoring and had a monstrous lead in All-Star votes. I was really looking forward to going to my first All-Star game, and that was my one big goal before NBA 2K12 came out. I came back from my injury just days before the game, so I thought, “great! I didn’t miss it!”

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Except I did. I was hurt so long that somehow the other players made up my million-plus vote lead (I had almost two and a half times – 2.43x to be exact – as many as Rose, the #2 vote getter) and I got left at home again. I also no longer qualify for statistical titles, giving my scoring lead to Kobe despite the fact that I’m averaging over 10 point more a game.


So, that’s probably all until 2K12. I’m looking forward to a fresh start and hope everyone enjoys the new year of games.

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