Not Phased by the Pressure

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Round one was a blur – an accidental blur. I’ll explain in a minute, but first, game one. It was tight down the stretch, but Stephen Jackson (above) missed two free throws late to enable us to pull away.

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I accidentally clicked ‘play next key game,’ but assumed that would mean game two, because every playoff game is key, right? Nope. I was hustled off to game four with us holding a 3-0 lead. I started the game cold and we went down early. We trailed by 8 in the third quarter but fought our way back. In the fourth we finally tied the game with 1:20 left, but then I got careless with the ball. Two straight turnovers resulted in one easy score and one swat.

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I managed to chase Jackson down as he knifed through our defense and turn him away. Only down two, we tied it again with just under a minute to go and took the lead with about 35 seconds left. Brandon Jennings hit a tough J to tie us back up with 0.8 seconds remaining. That’s plenty of time, right?

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I inbounded the ball to Battier. C’mon, Shane! Prove me right!

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It’s GOOD! We win!

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I’m pumped. My defense (and scoring 6 points in the fourth) helped seal the win.

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I even got my first Jordan Player of the Game award, leading our team in points (10), rebounds (6), assists, (3) and blocks (2). Now, who’s up next?

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It looks like Miami will be next. That’ll be a challenge. Bring it on, Heat!

- Bud Daniel

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