Playoff Rollercoaster

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It’s playoff time! First, let’s wrap up the end of the season with my awards I won.

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I actually came in fifth in the MVP race, behind three point guards (two I’ve played with) and Durant. I didn’t win that, obviously but I did make third-team All-NBA and was 8th in the league in blocks (2nd in field goal percentage). Now, to the playoffs.

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Hey, it’s my brother, Tyson! At least, I assume he’s my brother. See the resemblance?

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Yup, it was Tyson Daniel and the Bobcats against Bud Daniel and the Bulls. It was a rather forgettable series but for a few highlights.

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“I’ve HAD with you, Rodney!” I kinda punched out Rodney Stuckey in game one. Or not, maybe this is just a pic of me celebrating a win that looks really bad due to the composition. One of the two.

nba2k12 2011-12-21 01-47-40-09

I had one monster dunk to wrap up the series, and this was it.nba2k12 2011-12-20 00-26-01-45

We win! Now we had to play the Raptors and that didn’t go nearly as well.

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I played ok the first two games but we lost them both. I was convinced that I needed a smaller part of the offense for us to win so I laid off the throttle in game three, whici we won.

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We lost game four though, and were down 3-1 in the series. One vote on our poll opines that I would lose in the conference semis.That looks like a really good vote right about now. One reason was our complete lack of defense. Bargnani, J.R. Smith and company couldn’t be stopped. Another was Oden thinking he was Ray Allen 2.0 and shooting threes. The second one was more worrying, but the first needed corrected ASAP if we were to win.

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Game four was a different story. I played ok and we won the game. Now down 3-2, it was off to Toronto to try and tie the series.

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I played my best offensive game of the series, scoring 25 points on 86% shooting. I also had four rebounds and threw down a gratuitous reverse slam as the clock ran out to show off. I recorded this game and will have it  Youtube soon.

nba2k12 2011-12-28 04-46-34-91

Game seven back in Chi-town was another virtuoso performance by me. 20 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal and no turnovers or fouls on 63% shooting as we completed the comeback to win the series. We’re now off to play the #1 seeded Milwaukee Bucks and league MVP Brandon Jennings. Wish me luck!

- Bud Daniel

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