Miami Burns and All-Star Turns

Rick for Three!

Do you see that picture? That’s me hitting one of my three treys against Miami tonight. The Heat are the #1 team in the league right now, and we beat ‘em. Hell yeah!

Actually, for all my three-pointers, I was far from the hero of this game. In fact, it was…

Vince is Alive!…Vince Carter. Yes, Half-Man, Half-Retired himself propped himself up and scored 15 points to lead the way to the win. Kevin Love threw in 13 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists, too. I was rather lousy, actually, with only 9 points, three assists, one rebound and a steal on 3-12 shooting. Dammit. My biggest contribution was keeping Mario Chalmers out of the game. He was an absolute non-factor tonight. Yes! We ended up winning by five.

Two post-game notes here. We dropped seven spots in the power rankings this week, going from 12 to 19. What can I say? We had a rough week. We’re also a game and a half our of the playoffs. More importantly though, I’ve somehow found my way onto the Rookie/Sophomore All-Star squad. It’s not the real All-Star team, but close enough for now. I’m included on the sophomore team with the likes of Brandon Jennings, Tyreke Evens and my former teammate, Blake Griffin. I can’t wait.

- Rick Daniel

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