Clipping into the Playoff Picture


Continuing my “Thank Goodness Lyle Johnston isn’t Here” tour, we found ourselves in L.A. to play my former team. I played well again, with 12 points, four assists and two steals on 50% shooting. With me playing well again we can get back to everyone’s favorite running subplot, Dunking on the Stars!

012-DunkingLA Marcus Camby got posterized, and my man Baron Davis just wanted our of the way.

Oh, big news today. We’re in the playoff picture! I found out during the game via a very disturbing on-screen blurb.

012-WhatTheHeatHow on Earth are the Heat in first by negative half a game? If they’re in first, they’re first. Cleveland should be half a game back, right? That is right, isn’t it? Doesn’t that make more sense? Sometimes this game makes my head hurt.

- Rick Daniel

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