Straight from the ‘Don’t Do It Vince!’ Files

Slam Dunk

Vince Carter is not my friend right now. We played the Hawks the other day in Atlanta, and I had a fairly off game. I was getting to the rim and should have cracked 30 points easy, but my layups kept falling off the cylinder. I finished with 24 points, six assists, four steals, one block, steal and rebound, but three turnovers on 50% shooting. I did hit a three, though, and had the gliding dunk above in the first half.

Now, as to why Vince isn’t my friend at the moment, we were down by three with about 12 seconds to go. We’d gone on a 15-4 run to get to that point and we had the ball, with Rashard Lewis inbounding. I caught the inbounds pass and was double teamed so I threw it to Vince. He decided it would be a good idea to throw up a fall away half-court three rather then work for a decent shot or try for two and a foul. Needless to say, we lost.

Sometimes I want to beat my teammates.

- Rick Daniel

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